Web developer VS web designer

The difference between website design and website development is somewhat blurred, as “web design” has become a generic term covering design and development. It is important that companies make their customers aware that for a website to be successful requires excellent design and development. Also they should know it in order to hire the right freelance.

web developer vs web designer

Web design determines the appearance and perception of a website. It comprises the design, navigation and colour gamut of the website. It also includes graphic and logo design. Web design has more to do with aesthetics and user experience than functions. A web designer will make a website easy to use and fit the purpose for which it was created.

A web designer makes use of design programs used by photographers, graphic designers and branding specialists such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator that he uses to create the visual appearance of the website. It is common for the finished design to be saved in a properly organized Photoshop file named by groups and layers.

Web Design vs Web Development? and What’s right for you?

In some cases, the web designer is not the person in charge of transforming the design into browser-compatible code, but he must also be familiar with the HTML tags, at least, in order to better organize the Photoshop file that contains the design.

Much of the work of web designers requires creativity and imagination, both to have fresh ideas and appropriate to the type of client, and to solve certain situations that occur when the project is in process. Like graphic designers, web designers can find inspiration from various areas of art. And we don’t just mean painting, they may also be interested in sculpture, engraving, music, theatre, etc. Any form of artistic expression can be a source of inspiration and it is common that they have some kind of hobby related to art.

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Do I need a web designer or developer?

Web designers don’t usually have as much experience with computer programming. They might know the basics of HTML, CSS, and other common tools, but they aren’t the people you want to rely on when you need someone to build a website.

Which is better Web design or Web development?

In the terms of coding, web design and web development can both require some level of programming knowledge. Qualified web designers should understand the code better than graphic designers and understand design better than programmers.Can I be a

Web designer and developer?

While aspects of a developer’s job may resemble that of a designer, it can be quite different as well. A web developer builds the backbone of websites, typically from the ground up, and knows languages specific to the web. HTML, Javascript, jQuery and CSS are among the tools in their kit.

The work of web designers has a lot to do with that of graphic designers as they handle the same concepts and knowledge about color theory, typography, composition and additionally, user experience.

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In contrast, web development takes care of the functions and features of a website. It encompasses programming the “back end” of a website, covering functions such as registration, content management systems, e-commerce and any database application. Web developers are experts in PHP and Java development that makes it possible for visitors to a website to carry out actions on it. They may also be required for the development of the mobile application (depending on whether it is for iOS or Android).

A good web designer must have a graphic design skill and a good marketing knowledge. They will know how to attract the attention of visitors to a website and encourage them to explore it. A good web developer should have excellent programming skills and be able to use a wide range of programming tools, finding solutions that provide functionality to a website.

A web developer must be versed in languages such as HTML, CSS and Java, which are considered basic to create a website. As usual, developers leave the visual part to web designers and focus on creating a site with clean code. To do this, they take as a reference the file that the designer has passed on to them and translate that design into code compatible with web browsers. That is to say, they make sure that the site is really on the web.

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Additionally, web developers may have knowledge of programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, C++, etc. These languages may not be easily perceived by users when entering a website, for example, at the database level. But their work is equally important for a website to be fully functional.

Studies show that visitors to a website make a judgement in just a few seconds. Therefore, a good web design will make the site attractive and easy to use, and a good web development will give it interesting features and functions. All this will result in the visitor feeling attracted by the website and visiting it again.

Web design is usually related to creativity and art. On the other hand, web development is related to logical thinking. It is well known that learning some programming language improves your reasoning. In other words, it helps you to think logically and so you can find solutions to simple and complex problems. But the same can be said of web design, although it requires a quota of creativity, it is often said that a designer solves problems. From this point of view, it seems that both careers are not so different, after all.
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Although both careers have clear differences, they are related to each other and complement each other. Due to this close relationship, it is not unusual to find people who call themselves web designers and web developers at the same time. Due to the high competitiveness, many designers are considering learning about programming languages to have an advantage over the rest, not only because they can take on simple projects that require a minimum of programming, but also because it allows teamwork with other more experienced web developers.

Although an increasing number of designers are becoming interested in web development, their area of specialization will continue to be web design. Being that said, they will have a basic knowledge of certain languages to carry out simple tasks. But if a specialist is required they will have to call a web developer. In this case, both will have to work together to create an interface that is both visually appealing and functional at the same time.
In conclusion, there are many differences, but also a lot of similar things to consider. However, if you want to have peace of mind and if you don’t want to worry whether you need a web developer or a web designer, the best thing is to leave this job to someone you trust to give you the best advice. At Software & IT Outsourcing we always know best because have the best team of professionals and freelancers ready to help. Get in touch today!

Web developer VS web designer
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Web developer VS web designer
The difference between website design and website development is somewhat blurred, as "web design" has become a generic term covering design and development. It is important that companies make their customers aware that for a website to be successful requires excellent design and development. Also they should know it in order to hire the right freelance.
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