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Outsourcing partner: "Gexabyte"

  • Technology: - Java(Spring,Play) - Nodejs(Express,Koa) - Python(Django) - PHP(Yii,Yii2,Laravel,Symphony) -Solidity(Truffle) - Scala -Ruby(on Rails) -Swift -C#(Entity,Xamarin) -C++(QT) -Erlang(OTP) -Elixir(Phoenix)
  • Outsourcing services: Fixed cost projects, IT Consulting
  • Office location: e.g. Karaganda, Kazakhstan
  • Other offices: Karaganda, Kazakhstan
  • Pricing: to see pricing please order a free consulting
  • Partner since: 2019-02-01 16:08:19
  • https://software-it-outsourcing.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/SITO-Software-And-IT-Outsourcing-Logo.jpg
Certified outsourcing partner: Software & IT Outsourcing

Why customers choose "Gexabyte"

GEXABYTE company is engaged in the development and implementation of software-based blockchain technologies for businesses and start-ups. GEXABYTE team is experienced developers in the field of blockchain programming, specialists in cryptography, providing services to projects that work in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, such as: - Development of ICO with a personal cabinet of the investor with reception of BTC, ETH + Bounty (and also various cryptocurrencies on a choice). Creation and writing of White Paper. Development of smart-contracts, the release of tokens according to ERC-20, ERC-721, etc. (or other blockchain based platforms such as Ethereum, Stellar, Neo, Nem, Eos). - Development of projects based on blockchain (intellectual property, lottery, certificates, logistics). The implementation of blockchain solutions in business projects and the public sector. - Offering turnkey solution successfully for any kind of blockchain/cryptocurrency projects, masternodes. - Development of secure databases based on decentralized registries (IPFS). - Analytics of ICO, cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects. It implies an analysis of the appropriateness of investing in them, the prospects of the project. The service is great for investment funds and crypto-community. - Technical audit of smart contracts, identification of errors and correction of logic. Integration of smart contracts into existing services and applications. - CRM-systems, WEB-projects of any complexity. - Consultations on the use of blockchain technology and ICO campaigns. - Training developers on the basics of blockchain and more advanced work with smart contracts, programming languages used in the development of blockchain-based solutions. - Training of company employees on the basics of blockchain technology.

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