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Outsourcing partner: "NoriaSoft Co."

  • Technology: PHP, Angular, iOS, Android, Node JS, Oracle Developer
  • Outsourcing services: Fixed cost projects, Time & material, Outsourcing, IT Consulting
  • Office location: Cairo, Egypt
  • Pricing: to see pricing please order a free consulting
  • Partner since: 2019-03-20 22:41:37
  • https://software-it-outsourcing.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/SITO-Software-And-IT-Outsourcing-Logo.jpg
Certified outsourcing partner: Software & IT Outsourcing

Why customers choose "NoriaSoft Co."

High Quality, Skilled Resources, Delivering on Time, Affordable Rates

Company description

A group of professionals focused on delivering high-tech solutions that enable growth and enhance effectiveness and efficiency for organizations.
We do this through our world-class expertise in Business Applications & Technology Solutions. Our team of Practice Leads, Business Analysts, Software Engineers, and Technical Consultants, collaborate to deliver a perfect fit solution for every client.

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