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Outsourcing partner: "EaZySoft "

  • Technology: .NET, Asp.net, Asp.net mvc, wpf, .net core, Angular, React, Redux, Xamarin, mssql, mongodb, windows services, docker, cross-platform development.
  • Outsourcing services: Fixed cost projects, Time & material, Outsourcing, Outstaffing
  • Office location: Cherkasy, Ukraine
  • Other offices: Lviv, Ukraine
  • Pricing: to see pricing please order a free consulting
  • Partner since: 2018-08-29 23:36:27
  • https://software-it-outsourcing.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/SITO-Software-And-IT-Outsourcing-Logo.jpg
Certified outsourcing partner: Software & IT Outsourcing

Why customers choose "EaZySoft "

Young enthusiastic team which passionate on helping clients to succeed in their business

Company description

We passionate on developing great software with latest trends and best practices from Microsoft. Using full stack of .net technologies helps us to produce efficient scalable products which helps our clients to have powerful tools and increase their income.

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