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Outsourcing partner: "ConturSoft"

  • Technology: PHP, .NET, JavaScript, React, Angular, Node, Wordpress, iOS (Swift), Android (Java), React Native
  • Outsourcing services: Fixed cost projects, Time & material, Outsourcing, IT Consulting
  • Office location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Other offices: London, UK
  • Pricing: to see pricing please order a free consulting
  • Partner since: 2018-08-28 10:07:34
  • https://software-it-outsourcing.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/SITO-Software-And-IT-Outsourcing-Logo.jpg
Certified outsourcing partner: Software & IT Outsourcing

Why customers choose "ConturSoft"

At Contursoft we are aware of the value that a combination of clear communication, business mindset and technical implementation bring to a software project. We understand the uniqueness of each of our client’s requests and we do our best to make sure all the aspects of the processes involved in the development contribute to the successful delivery on time and within the budget. We have clear definitions of our values and principles of work towards which we guide our team. We consider communication is one of the top and most important assets for team so we look to improve everyday.

Company description

At ConturSoft we're a passionate team of software developers from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, helping with the software development, project management and support of our client's software products and services. We love solving puzzles, finding best solutions and putting ideas together through software programming, using the best fit technologies.

Our offshore software development team was born in 2015. Since then we successfully set up startups as well as a set of software services for companies with technological needs. Our culture is friendly and open. We aim for transparency into our partnership. We love great ideas that come together when we put passion in what we do.

Successful stories are written by passionate people!

Contouring your software means giving it a boost of quality and perfection. For guaranteeing the success of each project, we apply a set of principles and processes that aim to ensure a top quality and to apply the best solutions along the way.

We operate within a complete set of services and abilities for developing, designing, testing and supporting software products: Software Development, UI & UX Design, QA & Testing, Project Management, Business Analysis, Technical Support.

We understand your business. The first step is answering the properly chosen questions, followed by a careful analysis and finding the solutions that include both solving the existing problems and implementing new functionalities.

With us you’ll find a team that besides the technical skills, will understand the business and help you find the best solutions.

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