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60+ IT Outsourcing Partners with the best price/quality ratio and background in almost all possible technologies.

SITO: Software & IT Outsourcing company is a leading German IT consulting company with a main focus on Outsourcing, Outstaffing, Offshoring, BPO, KPO, etc.

We help our clients in their search for the best deals in Software & IT Outsourcing area. That’s why we carefully selected the following list of best IT Outsourcing providers. Please see the list below.

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Outsourcing companies partners

Our great outsourcing providers


We provide expertise and swiftness


We never deceive our clients and speak everything openly, if we have difficulties, then we solve them, and do not look for excuses. Our team has experience with starts that have successfully started and we are supporting them in their development.

Accemy Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd

We are customer-centric organization and have developed various new age IT solutions to clients globally. Working per client needs and satisfaction with highest focus on quality and business outcomes.

Addon Solutions

Addon Solutions made outsourcing easy with transparency, dedication and providing cutting edge IT services on time with affordable cost. Addon Solutions enables organizations from startups, SME to large enterprises make their current operations efficient using modern technologies.

Agilites LLC

We’re proud to have built Agilites on recommendation and long-term ongoing relationships with our clients. We are not just programmers or testers, with our clients we co-create solutions that follow their business needs.


we make honest estimate, we keep our word


We are hornest, hardwork and love what we do


Our values. They are dead simple and can be enunciated in one phrase: “We do care”.


Bpo company


Besides the profound technological experience in developing complex applications, we have start-up mentality in our team. It makes us acquainted with the whole process of project development from the very idea validation till its implementation (and maintenance) on the market and allows to prioritize the key development points. Such a mindset was developed thanks to our internal startup competitions where we created and then developed our own side projects, some of them are available on the market.

Capital Recruiters

We are on the biggest IT recruiting agencies in Ukraine, work from 2007


We've a strong team of 270+ techies with expertise in various web & mobile technologies. CDN having flexible engagement models at competitive pricing.

CHI Software

CHI Software is a go-to development center for delivering tailored web, mobile, cloud and embedded software solutions worldwide. We assist startups and well-established companies in a wide spectrum of business domains.

Childish Ltd.

Our name comes from our values – we admire and preach honesty and creativity in business, hence we treat our clients this way.


Code & Care is a service-oriented company that has a goal to provide software development services on demand. We believe that our customers'? success is our success


We have the knowledge, the people, and the right business model. We have the motivation and the passion that lead us to question the rule to attain the exception. We are codnyx to you and your company, your project becomes our project; our team becomes your team.

Cognic Systems PVT LTD

To create impeccable business value for our clients while leveraging on innovative solutions built on dedicated research, creativity, experience and in-depth domain knowledge.To be the most sort after technology services firm admired for its partnership, sustainable solutions, performance and people.


We are a US Company with an R&D in Ukraine and we provide service with wide stack of technologies, so you can satisfy all your needs at one place. We used to work with the Agile methodology so we always fit in deadlines. We have well-established management as well as extensive experience in outsourcing and outstaff development.


Our company can offer best people in the region with good price. We've got experience working with telecommunication, energy, finance and other companies. We can work as part of distributed development team or support you in all aspects of software development such as analysis, design, development, testing and deployment.


At Contursoft we are aware of the value that a combination of clear communication, business mindset and technical implementation bring to a software project. We understand the uniqueness of each of our client’s requests and we do our best to make sure all the aspects of the processes involved in the development contribute to the successful delivery on time and within the budget. We have clear definitions of our values and principles of work towards which we guide our team. We consider communication is one of the top and most important assets for team so we look to improve everyday.

Creative Quarter

Unique hybrid of flexible space and IT outsourcing: we offer managed infrastructure and outstaffing services. Flexible billing model for the back-office services like HR, Payroll, IT Support, Procurement (month-to-month commitment), access to variety of IT outsourcing companies on our platform, significant cost reduction v.s. traditional outsourcing/outstaffing models, BOT option

Dinarys GmbH

Our team provides in-depth analysis and consultancy. So before we start any new project we analyze market, competitors find the best solution for business. We create customer journey map and vision of the project in order to show customer the best solutions for development process.

Do IT Programming Solutions

We are Do IT Programming Solutions and we are your best choice for ordering the software development! We are ready to face any challenges and provide you with a solution capable of resolving your business tasks, either developing it from scratch or upgrading your old system to a modern product. Things making us special: dedicated team for each individual project, carefully tailored combination of innovations and mainstream development technologies, scrupulous supervision and control across the entire process flow, best QA methods and tools, and reasonable rates. We provide our Clients with all controls and satisfy all their requirements.


Young enthusiastic team which passionate on helping clients to succeed in their business

EdgeCase Technology GmbH

Our expertise is not limited to software development issues. We provide complex business support and constantly align our day-to-day performance with your long-term plans. We win when you win. Reaching your business target is our top priority. We work closely with you to ensure that your organization flourishes from our joint efforts. Our achievements make sense, only when they become your success story. We have flexible and transparent agile methodology of development process. Flexible pricing approach that depend on the client’s needs. Only high-level account management and fluent German and English speakers. Everyone in the team is an ex-CTO or has extensive technical experience.


We connect you with the resources best in each technology because we believe in choosing best and acknowledging peoples skills.

European Guard Consulting Oy

EGC customers pay for efficient and timely solution of project tasks, as well as for speed of project implementation.


We are a software company that offers comprehensive services, covering every aspect of development, from business analysis, UX and design to project architecture, development, manual and automated testing, together with devops. By putting dedicated together cross-functional teams that cover everything our clients need, we create reliable long term partnerships. Our wide technology and industry coverage allows us to create custom software solutions using the most suitable technologies and tools.


Exposit is a team of engineers, project managers and designers developing software products. With expertise in more than 15 industries and all business functions, we deliver solutions to meet priority needs of our customers.


We specialize in innovative projects, promotional campaigns, applications for social media and electronic commerce.


We understand that the software will be used only if it meets customer needs. That's why our approach includes deep investigation of project business goals, extra attention to the project requirements, detailed verification of feasibility, intuitive UX Design based on different user scenarios, special attitude to change request management and other points of software reliability.

Fuzzelogic Solution

We focus on clear and transparent communication with proven methods to ensure that we ALL understand what is being asked for , what is being developed, how it would be tested, when where and how it would be deployed and what each of our responsibilities are. This allows us to deliver a world class product to your business.

GyanMatrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd

We treat our clients as our true business partners. Our 15+ years of expertise in software, application development, infra operations solutions and services, best Agile methodologies, combined with our designing team’s cool innovations, enables us to deliver high-quality services designed to minimize your costs and maximize your profits. We care about your success and we’re ready to prove it!

Huspi sp z OO

We have more then 10 years experience for each of dev in fintech

Idlewild Digital

We are custom software development company. Happy clients lead to next great opportunity is our moto.


We have narrow expertise - focusing only on IoT allows us to be efficient in developing software and hardware solutions in one place.


1) We have a good combination of understanding business and tech side; 2) Fast and efficient client engagement process, estimation etc; 3) Travel a lot to clients location for the personal meetings.

Itera Research LLC

A difference between only understanding how to build a software and having true experience is huge. The relevant experience will become a competitive advantage for you. The team has already made and will escape the mistakes other development companies are still learning about. That experience will translate into product designs that do a better job developing your business. Itera Research has extensive experience in developing large- scale, scalable systems which fully meet all the sensitive needs of enterprise- level business. Agile approach along with SCRUM allows to bring working solutions in the shortest terms. We are working on a system for budget distribution based on validation of reports and monitoring of social projects performance. Our Customer is Senate of Berlin. This project is not the only result of winning government tenders. After close cooperation started in 1998 on B2B market with Germany based partner Itera Research was founded in Ukraine, in 2004. As for today we have opened several representative offices in USA, Germany and Georgia. The Back office is located in Ukraine. For over 13 years , Itera Research software development company is known as the successful and time-proven veteran of IT industry. Itera Research is a reliable and trustworthy partner who always accomplishes its commitments. Over 200 successfully delivered complex IT solutions in Europe (Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, UK, Austria, Netherlands) . Thanks to strong work ethics and complementary skill sets, we are always able to go the extra-mile to make any idea reality.

j-labs gmbh

With over 10 years of experience, 40 clients (10 of which from Germany) and 260 developers we are experts in introducing nearshoring model to companies.We always strive for longterm / quality cooperation which is based on open and frequent communication. Moreover we encourage personal visits of the engineers to support the kick off stage and later on maintain good cooperation.

Konig Labs

We at Konig Labs are aiming to search, identify, and resolve our clients' business needs. We are not just a bunch of coders gathered together to create software. We grow competencies in Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Process Management. All our Team Leads are certified in SAFe DevOps, and we do integrate SAFe into our company-level processes, as well as into Value Streams we build for our clients.


Lionwood.Software is a team of creative designers, Front- End, Back-End and Full-Stack Developers who are ready to meet your requirements and assist you in making your project successful. We strive to bring our clients the solutions they need. We are a young company with a great future.


We are honest.

LTD Academy Smart

Academy Smart provides high technology applications and complex system development services for startups and product companies.

Massmedia group

Our company provides well-thought-out services that will be cost efficient and bring maximum quality to the project.


Our team focuses on customer's project success. That is proven by our long-term partnership with our current main client (US company, BigData project in InsurTech industry), which already lasts 2+ years. Happy customer = more work for us!


MBicycle proficient developers, analysts, QA engineers will provide you with a solution, adjusted to your needs, using up-to-date tools, frameworks, and technologies. We work in sprints keeping in touch with our Client to make demonstrations and validate results throughout all stages of readiness. Always here to help.


We help our customers to accelerate their entering to market by providing remote software development teams as well as technology consulting services. The command of specialists of MeGaDev is a team of a big and wide spectrum of development and and E-commerce. When you sign on with us, your goals become our goals, your concerns become our concerns, and our team becomes your team.




PanonIT is recognized as a company for its own cutting-edge technology products in Serbia. PanonIT wants to share its expertise with the world and therefore, it offers Outsourcing.

Quartsoft Corp

Honestly open, assisting in decision-making, merging expertise in business and web domain - the team you get is a roster of multiple talents devoted to the project from start till launch, and beyond.

SkyUp Studio

Why us: Vast experience of our team allows us to help our clients with solutions of any scale, complexity and development stage. We are not afraid to handle hopeless project and ready to reanimate them. Our team begins each project with understanding the client's business, so we can offer the best solution and technology.


an individual approach for each project and a team that can offer the newest solutions

Softgreat LLC

Magic doesn't exist, even in software development. But with Softgreat we're trying to be as close to magic as possible. And we'll get you really magestic software.

Sophitel Business Consulting

We specialize in serving SME's, 'for now' with our innovative BOT (Build, Operate & Transfer) solutions


Expertise, developers speak English, good references


We have expertise in creation of solutions or customers.

Success Craft

Our deep specialisation in Salesforce provides a multitude of advantages, as do our dedication to successful long-term partnerships, our comparatively low overhead, and our “no confusion, no hassle” all-inclusive pricing structures


Companies from 15+ countries of the world entrust SumatoSoft. When developing custom web, mobile and IoT products for our clients, we focus on their needs, assign experienced in-house teams, ensure clear and transparent workflows, and use different agile approaches for continuous value delivery.


We adjust to our clients needs and can even provide samples, we give feedback from our years of experience and offer you a 24/7 contact person + attractive pricing.

The evenstar

Our mission at Evenstar is to offer the superior and innovative software to the people who craft the digital future of mankind. We do this by concentrating brilliant talents together. We specialize in software that can solve many of the problems that startups & small to medium businesses face as they grow and adapt to a changing marketplace.


We run high-intensity development projects with corporate innovation groups and startups. We've worked with companies like ETAM, JonnyFresh, Nestle, Wefox and N26.

UA Software LLC

We have been working since 2002. We have very small staff turnover. Our lead developers work in our company for 8-16 years. We have very experienced and talented developers, also smart CTO.


Unicsoft is a product boutique with over 12 years history. We preach and practice Personal Approach to each and every Client; which helped us to complete over 200 projects for both Startups and Established Companies from the EU, the US, the UK and Israel. Our team has strong faith that understanding the needs and goals of our Clients along with building transparent and trustful relations is fundumental to achieving mutual benfits in the long run.

Upgrade Solutions

To give you a background about what we do and projects currently on-going   ,we have operations across Africa and act as subcontractor/service provider rendering some of the services mentioned on behalf of Hemmersbach GmbH & Co. KG and DXC technology (formerly HPE) ,Wipro and HCL , supporting their data centers and providing End User support to their customers namely Alcatel Lucent (now Nokia),Unilever,Ericsson ,Novartis etc across Africa.

Ver AI

We are using selfmade web-based development platform which can greatly reduce production costs


Vintechware is the foremost accredired IT company, which has marked it's flagship in around 3+ countries with around 50 + projects accomplished.


VRobot / Solution offers solutions for virtual reality using Unity i Unreal Engine. We use experience and create VR and AR applications for the following areas, which include games, advertising, training, tourism, health care, architecture.


We have over 65 developers in our team. Also we have project and recruitment departments. The last one allows us to extand the size of our team as much as the project scope required in short terms. As we work remotely we also are able to attract developers with required skiils on a competitve price.

White Label

Applying for being your IT Outsourcing partner, we clearly understand the huge competition in the IT market, but I can note 3 main advantages of working with us: 1. Our team is our family and we work with our clients on the basis of honesty, trust, and reliability. 2. We're very flexible in terms of cooperation with our customers. We're open to discussing all any conditions of cooperation suitable for both of the parties. 3. Most of our projects (about 75%) come to us by recommendation. It shows our professionality and reliability. We'd be glad provide you with the references from the clients.

White Pigeon Global

Commitment towards work

WIS Software

We will thoroughly analyze the task, your business, your clients; accomplish full-cycle work, including making a detailed technical requirements document, architecture construction of application, description of user scenarios, prototyping, user interface design, programming, testing, debugging, production website launch and further support and development of the project. Let us take it upon ourselves. Explain the task in any way that suits you: we will ask some questions and start solving your problem right from the beginning of our communication.