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Outsourcing news: August 2018

August outsourcing news (calendar)

Growth in Ukraine: How it Impacts IT Outsourcing

Ukraine is exploding as a resource for IT outsourcing and software development. A 2-year old Ukrainian startup was bought by Snapchat for $150 million. Let those numbers sink in for a minute. This is a pacesetter as to how outsourcing and IT has developed. Looksery developed facial recognition technology that Snapchat uses in its filter lens to allow for real-time video editing. Read more

UBS reduces IT outsourcing to Cognizant sharply

Swiss bank UBS has reduced sharply its IT outsourcing exposure to Cognizant and is moving part of the work inhouse. UBS is said to have been spending around $120 million annually with Cognizant. Read more

Golub Corp. nears decision on IT outsourcing

Employees expected to remain on site, but possibly have different employer. The Golub Corp. said Monday it is nearing a decision on the future of its information technology staff. Read more

DXC will be damned if it lets cloud cannibalise the IT outsourcing biz before DXC does

Frankenfirm sets up ‘integrated practice’ with AWS to eat its lunch before others do. DXC Technology, fed up with the cloud brigade eating into its own IT outsourcing (ITO) business, has set up an “integrated practice” with AWS to get in on the action itself. Read more

Software Is Eating The World, Starting With Finance

Marc Andreessen, the venture capitalist, is the author of the famous quote about the general rise of software. Rowady, who is developing sophisticated models around finance and technology, sees software eating up IT budgets and crimping spending on hardware at banks. Read more

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Software Development to India

Lots of modern businesses are taking advantage of outsourcing various services that are out of their core competencies to offshore companies. There is a great number of reasons why companies prefer outsourcing to hiring in-house specialists. Read more

Ukraine offers low-cost high-tech professionals

15,000 Ukrainians are working for Israeli high-tech companies. The Ukrainian government wants to increase that to 150,000. A popular political joke in Ukraine says that for many years, no one in the Ukrainian government knew what high tech was – and that is why Ukrainian high tech was successful. Ukraine, a country of 45 million people, accounted for 20% of the GDP Read more

Public sector increases outsourcing in first half of 2018

IT and business processing outsourcing in UK central government accelerates in the first half this year, almost matching the total spend by financial services firms. The amount of money spent on IT outsourcing (ITO) and business process outsourcing (BPO) in the UK public sector in the first six months of this year was more than a third higher than the same period last year. Read more 

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Outsourcing news: July 2018

July Outsourcing News

Phoenix Health Systems Selected for Multi-Year IT Outsourcing Partnership by Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center

Phoenix will manage support of all medical software platforms, provide infrastructure support via onsite and remote personnel, remotely monitor SMRMC’s IT environment and provide service desk support. Read more

WA Main Roads shifts gear to sole outsourcer

Main Roads Western Australia will merge its two main IT outsourcing deals in preparation to shift parts of its IT environment to the state’s transformed IT buying regime GovNext. The agency revealed the plans as part of a refresh of its IT infrastructure services and systems development, enhancement and support services contracts. Read more

This Company Outsources Customer Service Back to the Customer

Samsung, LinkedIn, and Pinterest use Directly’s software to refer questions for a small fee, as an alternative to outsourcing. Read more

How cloud services are changing IT outsourcing in the Philippines

The total outsourcing services revenues in the Philippines exceeded $300 million ($USD) for 2017 — an 8.8 percent year-over-year increase. However, IDC says the IT outsourcing market is experiencing a fundamental shift caused by cloud services, which are the key to the growth of outsourcing, hosting and managed services. Read more

Should software developers have to pay income tax? Serious question.

I just got back from a press trip to Bucharest, Romania. While there, I was afforded the chance to speak with Bitdefender’s CEO and founder, Florin Talpeş. We talked about the burgeoning Romanian tech scene, which was once dominated by outsourcing companies, but is now filled with genuinely innovative companies that are aggressively expanding abroad. Read more

Outsourcing Fraud Claims Viable Despite Affirmation

In their Technology Law column, Richard Raysman and Peter Brown discuss the circumstances, legal analysis and conclusions surrounding “W.G. Bradley v. intelligence” where a software customer’s fraud claims survived dismissal even after partial affirmation of the underlying agreement. Read more

IT outsourcing in insurance services: risk, creative contracting and business advantage

Abstract. Risks in IT outsourcing have received little systematic academic attention, despite growing evidence of wide disappointment and difficulty as well as some successes in outsourcing IT. Read more

U.S.-Ukraine outsourcing business ties growing

Over the last several years, trade between the two countries has grown and, while it may not be a record high as it was in 2008 at $4.8 billion, the general picture is positive. Read more

Outsourcing IT more pros than cons

Businesses have been agonizing over the pros and cons of outsourcing for years. In today’s competitive marketplaces, the consensus is that organisations need to run lean, and outsourcing, particularly among larger organisations, is becoming more prevalent across a range of disciplines. These include HR, finance and maintenance, to name just a few. Read more

Profitable software development: Should you hire in-house or a development firm?

Should you hire an external dev firm to help you scale? Or should you hire someone internally? Like most questions surrounding business decisions, the real answer is “it depends.” Read more

Indian software exporters may miss the boom

Late adoption of new digital technology likely to hamper prospects. The Ireland-based outsourcing company reported a better-than-expected 16% rise in third-quarter profit and raised its 2018 outlook for revenue growth in constant currency to 9.5% to 10% from 7% to 9% previously. Read more

Philippines IT outsourcing needs to scale up

Information technology (IT) consultant IDC Corp., said lack of scale and available skills in application migration is hampering the growth of cloud-based outsourcing opportunities in the Philippines. This puts a dampener on the Philippines’ $160.8 million-worth IT outsourcing business, estimated as of end-2017. Read more

5 Mistakes When Outsourcing Your Project

  1. I didn’t research before finalizing
  2. I chose the lowest bid
  3. I did not check their portfolio
  4. I did not communicate before signing them up
  5. I did not arrange for a kick-off meeting

Read more

Outsourcing 3D Prototyping

Amnon Shalev, CEO & Founder of Virtuality.Fashion, discusses online 3DaaS, and offers advice when selecting a 3DaaS partner. Virtuality.Fashion, powered by C-Design, believe in making virtual fashion prototyping effortless, affordable, and accessible to everyone. Following our previous articles discussing 3D prototyping implementation entry barriers Read more

5 Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

  1. It Keeps Money In Your Wallet
  2. It Helps You Grow
  3. Gives You Access To Highly Qualified Talent
  4. Its More Secure
  5. It Provides You With Useful Data

Read more

How to Outsource Your Way to a Successful IT Startup

There’s never been a better time to be in IT. The industry is one of the top money-making industries in the world. IT organizations made up 599 places Read more

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Outsourcing news: June 2018

Outsourcing news for June 2018

PwC seeking 350 professionals for new Shared Delivery Centre in Ukraine

Professional services firm PwC has opened a shared delivery centre in Lviv, its third in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The centre, which is the first of its kind in Ukraine – in that it will offer high value added professional services, is set to employ over 350 professionals. Read more

Ukraine’s IT sector: a new Mecca for emerging markets PE?

The country’s IT sector, which now accounts for more than 3% of GDP, grew 150% in 2011-2015 and is estimated to reach $5.7 billion in value by 2020. Read more

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Q&A: Why software outsourcing is becoming big business

By outsourcing software solutions, companies can reduce costs significantly and cope with the way software projects seem to constantly change. To understand the advantages further, Fima Katz, CEO, Exadel, Inc. provides some insights. Read more

Cloud Considerations: Find the Right Outsourcing Partner

… Outsourcing the core and critical IT operations reduces the time and resources credit unions must spend on consistent software and hardware upkeep. Instead of constantly running tests, installing updates and checking code… Read more

HP Inc (Thailand) is transferring its hardware and software business into an information technology (IT) outsourcing services operation covering computing and printing.

The company said the move would help companies in Thailand with their plans for digital transformation against the backdrop of the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy. Read more

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