“Z” – IT Outsourcing Vocabulary

  • Z88DK – Z88DK is a Small-C-derived cross compiler for a long list of Z80 based computers. The name derives for that it was originally developed to target the Cambridge Z88. Z88DK is much developed from Small-C and accepts many features of ANSI C with the notable exception of multi-dimensional arrays and function pointers.
  • ZIP File Format – The ZIP file format is a popular data compression and archival format. A ZIP file contains one or more files that have been compressed or stored. The ZIP format was originally designed by Phil Katz for PKZIP. However, many software utilities other than PKZIP itself are now available to create, modify or open ZIP files, notably WinZip, BOMArchiveHelper, PicoZip, Info-ZIP, WinRAR, IZArc and 7-Zip. ZIP files generally use the file extensions “.zip” or “.ZIP” and the MIME media type application/zip.
  • ZipGenius – ZipGenius’ is a freeware file archiver designed for Microsoft Windows users, developed by M.Dev Software. It uses eg. 7-Zip format, and can also handle a number of other archive formats. It is a freeware product and is presented in two editions: STANDARD and SUITE. While the suite edition includes optional modules of the ZipGenius project (oriented to experts and power-users), the standard setup package simply includes the main ZipGenius application.
  • Zipping – Zipping refers to the process of compressing a file so it takes up less space. The compress files after zipping is called a zip file. There are two types of Zip files, normal (requiring a program to extract them) and self-executing that open up automatically. PKZip and WinZip are popular zipping and unzipping programs.
  • Zlib – zlib is an open-source, cross-platform data compression library. It was created by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler as a general-purpose abstraction of the DEFLATE compression algorithm used in their gzip file compression program.