About Us

SITO: Software & IT Outsourcing

We are a Hamburg, Germany based IT company with the main focus on Software & IT Outsourcing.

During last 15+ years we collected a huge experience in IT Outsourcing branch and now help our clients to build their outsourcing solutions and high performance distributed teams.

Andriy Kushnarov (Founder & CEO)

Andriy Kushnarov is an IT Outsourcing Expert, CEO & Founder of “SITO: Software & IT Outsourcing”. Andriy has 15+ years of experience in IT Outsourcing. During his career worked on different IT management positions and owned an outsourcing company. Andriy knows very good how IT Outsourcing works. Also he has two master diplomas in Informatics and Mathematics (Applied mathematics and Scientific computing).

Andriy Kushnarov Founder and CEO of SITO: Software & IT Outsourcing

Our mission and values

Our mission: We want to make our society better through better software and IT services, and help to run the creation of a economically and socially just world.

In our great mission we were inspired by two great companies: Ben & Jerry’s – the ice cream company, ThoughtWorks. The model and the mission initially were stolen from a great ice cream company – Ben & Jerry’s. Actually there are three pillars to a company: Software Excellence, Sustainable Business, and Social Justice.

Sustainable Business

Commercials aren’t everything, however. A great metaphor I stole is that company’s revenue is comparable to oxygen – you require it in order to live but it is not what you live for. This pillar is all about ensuring that we run a financially viable business.


This building is a symbol of Sustainable Outsourcing Business
Laptop, telephone, Swiss army knife are the symbols of Software Outsourcing Excellence

Outsourcing Excellence

Software Outsourcing Excellence is a part if our culture. Here are three key elements that make up the success of outsourcing: Talent, Technology Leadership, and Trust. We are good in each of them. In broader terms we would call it a Professional Excellence. It is about doing what we do really well. We also want to improve the outsourcing industry as a whole

Social & Economic Justice

At the heart of SITO (Software & IT Outsourcing) is an ambitious mission: to be a proactive agent of progressive change in the world. Aware of our own benefit, we strive as much as possible to see our world from the perspective of the oppressed, the helpless and the invisible. Exactly this type of thinking is fundamental to our identity.

People of different nationalities live in peace: Social & Economical Justice, multicultural teams